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Brunfels, Otto [1488-1534]. A very true// pronosticaciõ, with a// kalender, gathered out// of the moost auncyent bokes of// ryght holy Astronomers,// for the yere of our lorde// M.CCCCC.xxxvj.// And for all yeres// here after per//petuall.// Translated out of latyn in to// Englysshe by Iohn// Ryckes priest.// Cum privilegio regali. John Biddel. [Al colophon: Imprynted in London in Fletestrete, at the sygne of the sonne by me, Joh[a]n Byddell]. [1536?].

In 8° (14 cm), A-D8, cc. [32]. Titolo in cornice xilografica, con 7 figure simboliche (le virtù capitali). Marca di Biddel al titolo. Carattere gotico.

Il testo originale in latino pare essere andato perduto.

Esemplari: Cambridge University, Emmanuel College; Library of Congress.