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Childrey, Joshua [1623-1670]. 1653. Syzygiasticon Instauratum; or, an ephemeris of the places and aspects of the planets, as they respect the ☉ [sun] as center of their orbes, calculated for the year of the incarnation of God, 1653. By Joshua Childrey, sometimes of Magdalen Colledge Oxford, now S.M. of Feversham in Kent. For the longitude of the city of London, which is commonly computed to be 24 degrees, 20 minutes from the meridian of non-variation. London, printed by T. Mabb for the Company of Stationers, [25 March] 1653.

In 8°, A-D8, cc. [32].

Effemeridi. Non ho letto quest’opera, ma presumo, avendo invece letto quella di Childrey oggetto della scheda n. 1642, che le sue effemeridi non siano astrologiche (cioè geocentriche), ma astronomiche (cioè eliocentriche).

Esemplari: University of London; British Library; Bodleian Library, Oxford; Trinity College Dublin; Niedersächsische Staats und Universitätsbibliothek, Göttingen; Boston Public Library

Bibliografia: Capp p. 355; Houzeau-Lancaster 15218; Thorndike VIII p. 306.