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★ [Allen, John] [XVII secolo]. Several Cases of Conscience concerning Astrologie, and seekers unto astrologers answered. Collected and gathered out of the works of our most judicious, experienced and orthodox English divines. By a friend to the truth. London, printed for, and are to be sold by John Allen, at the Rising-Sun in Pauls Church-yard, 1659.

In 8°, cc. [1], pp. 21 [1]. La prefazione è firmata J[ohn] A[llen].

Prima edizione.

Testo costruito con il sistema di domanda e risposta. Gli astrologi sono affiancati ai magicians, sorcerers and Chaldeans, tutti praticanti un’arte vietata dalla legge e da Dio (an abomination to the Lord). L’astrologia, insomma, è false, delusive, and uncertain.

Esemplari: British Library; Leeds University; Durham University; King's College London; Edinburgh University; Leicester University; Niedersächsische Staats und Universitätbibliothek, Göttingen; University of Illinois; Harvard University; University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.

Bibliografia: Gardner 44 e 420; Houzeau-Lancaster 5241.

Altra edizione (second impression), ma con il diverso titolo di Judicial astrologers totally routed, and their pretence to Scripture, reason and experience briefly, yet clearly and fully ansvvered. Or a brief discourse, wherein is clearly manifested, that divining by the stars hath no solid foundation: In the first part of this book are several cases of conscience answered, both from the Word of God, and from the experience of eminent divines of different judgments. In the second part of it, are the maximes of judicial astrology examined and answered; and many eminent examples added, of the frustration of the tokens of these liars. Published by J.A. for publick good, 1659, London, printed for John Allen, at the Rising-Sun in St. Pauls Church-yard, in 12°, cm. 14, cc. [3], pp. 28, cc. [2 di advertisements]. Esemplare della Wellcome Library.