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★ Crow, Francis [?-1692]. The vanity and impiety of judicial astrology: whereby men undertake to foretell future contingencies, especially the particular fates of mankind, by the knowledge of the stars, i.e. the conjunctions, motions, positions and influences of the coelestial bodies on the earthly. By Francis Crow. London, printed for John Dunton, at th[e] Raven in the Poultrey, M DC XC (1690).

In 8° (14 cm), A8 B-C4 D2, cc. [4], pp. 25 [1, advertisement]. Il verso del titolo è bianco. Dedica To the Gentlemen, Merchants, And other Inhabitants of Port Royal in Jamaica.

Crow sostiene che così come Dio fondò un’Atene troppo superstiziosa, altrettanto fece con la Jamaica, an illiterate world too much addicted to Judicial Astrology, che definisce foolish Art. Rivolge una preghiera a Dio affinché allontani il popolo di questa terra dalla pratica di un’arte connotata da Vanity e da Iniquity.

Esemplari: British Library; Bodleian Library, Oxford; Dr. Williams Library, London; Lambeth Palace Library, London.