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★ Five strange and wonderful prodigies: or, A full and true relation of supernatural sights and aparitions lately seen in the air: viz. Tvvo great armies drawn up in battalia [sic], and seeming ready to engage each other, beheld for some hours, by several thousands of people: with dreadful noises heard, like the discharge of cannons and musquets, accompanied with hideous crys and howling. As also a fiery-bullet of a most vast magnitude violently rushing through the air, and at last with a most terrible crack breaking into a thousand pieces, to the unspeakable terror of the amazed spectators. As it is certified by several persons of quality. With an astrological judgement thereupon. Full and true relation of supernatural sights and aparitions lately seen in the air. London, printed for G.H., in the year, 1673.

In 8°, cc. [1], pp. 6.

Molto frequente la visione in cielo di armate o soldati che combattono e, a un certo momento della battaglia, tuoni e fulmini terrorizzanti (vedi per esempio le schede nn. 2202, 2981 e 6345, ove richiami). Nel caso specifico: 1) il 3 ottobre 1673 alle 17 sono apparse in cielo due grandi armate (The Sky was very clear and scarce a Cloud to be seen above the Horizon: […] the spectators could distinguish the Horse and Foot, discern the Several Brigades, and plainly see the Trains of artillery); 2) una settimana dopo circa, a most terrible Fiery red hot Bullet was observed by hundreds of people. E, conclude l’anonimo, it is impossible such a multitude of people should all be cheated in their sences with one and the same Imagination. La responsabilità di queste apparizioni, scrive infine, potrebbe essere individuata nel transito recente di una cometa o nell’opposizione tra Giove e Saturno.

Esemplari: Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington.