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Gadbury, John [1627-1704]. Animal Cornutum; or, the Horn’d Beast wherein is contained, 1 a brief method of the grounds of astrology, 2 a description of each planet and sign, 3 the way to erect a figure of heaven, 4 a narrative of what visible eclipses (both of sun and moon) will appear in our horizon, for these 15 years yet to come. Wherunto is annexed, an examination of a spurious pamphlet (intituled, Astrology proved to be doctrine of deamons) laying open the antagonist's malice, and folly; with a refutation of his errors, by an astrological example, in figure, and judgement. Composed for the benefit of all those that are desirous to exercise themselves herein, by J. Gadbury, a lover of the celestial sciences. London, Printed for William Larnar, and are to be sold at the Blackmores head neer Fleet-bridge, 1654.

In 8° (13 cm), A-G8 F2, cc. [5], pp. 23 [1], cc. [1]; pp. 47 [1]. La seconda parte (Envy dissected, or, An examination of a spurious pamphlet) ha titolo suo proprio.

Astrology proved to be doctrine of deamons (in realtà: Astrologie proved to be the old doctrine of demons), lo spurious pamphlet citato nel titolo, è opera di John Brayne, ed era stato pubblicato a Londra l’anno precedente (vedi la scheda n. 1114).

Esemplari: British Library; University of Minnesota, Minneapolis; University of Arizona, Tucson; University of Alberta, Cameron Library, Canada.

Bibliografia: Gardner 430.