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Gadbury, John [1627-1704]. The Nativity of the late King Charls [sic] Astrologically and Faithfully performed; with reasons in Art, of the Various Success, and Mis-fortune of His whole Life, being [occasionally] a brief History of our late unhappy Wars: Into which is added, (by way of Appendix), the Genitures of the late Queen, Prince, &c.: And their sympathy, or antipathy with this illustrious Nativity compared. By John Gadbury, philomathēmatikos [in greco]. London, printed by James Cottrel, 1659.

In 8° (17 cm), A-I8, cc. [8], pp. 128. 3 plates, incluso il ritratto di Gadbury. La carta [8] contiene advertisements. Le pp. 55 e 85 sono numerate 45 e 91, rispettivamente. Note a stampa al margine. Le incisioni (9 sono oroscopi in forma quadrata) sono di Albert D.S. Bell. Errata a pag. 128.

British Library; Glasgow University; Manchester University; University of London; Cambridge University; Sheffield University; University of Leicester Library; Bodleian Library, Oxford; National Library of Scotland; Signet Library, Edinburgh; Mitchell Library, Glasgow; Niedersachsische Staats und Universitätsbibliothek Göttingen; BNF; Harvard University; Yale University; University of Illinois; University of Minnesota; Queens University, Canada.

Bibliografia: Gardner 435; Houzeau-Lancaster 5238.