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G[adbury], J[ohn] [1627-1704]. Pseudo-Astrologos’ [caratteri greci], or the Spurious Prognosticator unmasked: being a short Examen of the manifold Errors and Fallacies, Falsehoods and Flatteries published by Mr. W. Lilly, in his Merlin, 1659. Wherein his ignorance in astrology is explained and exploded; his scandalous girdings at the king of Denmark, duke of Brandenburgh, and the states of Holland, noted; his nefarious dealing with the late lord protector of England, and the king of Sweden, discovered; his impudent, arrogant and artless assertions, retorted and refuted. By G. J., a Lover of Art and Honesty. London, printed in the year 1660.

In 8° (19 cm), cc. [1], pp. 14.

L’opera rivela, come altre (vedi la scheda n. 2805 in cui sono richiamate) la forte rivalità e l’acida inimicizia tra John Gadbury e William Lilly, che ne era stato il protettore. Anche in questo caso, come in altri (vedi la scheda n. 2809), Gadbury usa solo le sue iniziali e uno pseudonimo: A lover of Art and honesty.

Esemplari: British Library; Wellcome Library; Bodleian Library, Oxford; University of Minnesota; Harvard University, Houghton Library.

Bibliografia: Gardner: 433 (ripetuto sub 711).