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Grapheus, Rudolphus o Rodericus [XVI-XVII secolo]. Prædictio astrologica. The great and vvonderfull prognostication, for the yeare of our Lord 1598. Written by Rodulphus Grapheus Doctor of Phisick in the Towne of Deuenter. Translated out of Dutch into English by W. P. London, Imprinted by [John Windet for] Iohn Wolfe, with the assent of Rychard Watkins, 1598.

In 4°, A-B4, cc. [8].

Esemplari: Emmanuel College Library, Cambridge University; Univ. Leuven.

Bibliografia: Capp p. 363; Houzeau-Lancaster 14903 (edizioni dal 1586 al 1618).