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“Aristotiles de Astronimis” [XVII secolo]. Here begynneth the nature, and dysposycyon of the dayes in the weke, and sheweth what the thondre in euery moneth in the yere, chaunsynge, doth protende and sygnyfye: with the course and dysposycyon, of the dayes of the moone: whiche be good, and whiche be badde: after the influentes of the moone, drawen oute of a laten boke of Aristotiles de Astronimis. {Al colophon: [London] Imprinted by me Robert Wyer, dwellynge at the sygne of saynt Iohn eua[n]gelyst, in saynt Martyns parysshe in the Duke of Suffolkes cente, besyde the Charynge Crosse} [tra il 1535 e il 1554].

In 8° (16 cm), a-d4 (b3 è segnata a3), cc. [16]. In versi.

Non è, nonostante l’apparenza, la traduzione in inglese del “De astronomia” di Aristotele.

Esemplari: British Library (con segnatura a-b8); National Library of Wales; Glasgow University (con segnatura a-b8); Utrecht Universiteit; Bayerische Staatsbibliothek München; Morgan Library & Museum, New York; Henry Huntington Library Art Collections and Botanical Gardens, San Marino, California (con segnatura a-b8).