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★ Rasch, Johann [XVI secolo]. Practica auff das jar// Christj// M.D.LXXIX.// Mit viel guten nötigen Erjnnerungen, vmb lustigers// lesens vnd mehrer vbungs willen, reimweis ge//stellet durch Johan. Rasch.// Regenten oder Berscher diß Jahrs.// Lucas Olchinen. Rosello Patauo: in fine prae//fationis super Comment. Caesaris.// Vale, & me plurimum Ieron. Feltrensi tuo, qui// Apolineo spiritu afflatus, superiori anno// multarum ciuitatum incendium &// animalium metamorphosin// praedixit, commenda//tum redde, &c. [Wien] [1578].

In 4° (20 cm), A6, cc. [6]. In versi. Incisione al frontespizio con i simboli dei Pianeti e 4 figure. Carattere gotico.

Questa Practica è in realtà diretta a deridere e criticare gli astrologi. Scrive in effetti Rasch, leggo nella scheda online di Gilhofer & Ranschburg di Lucerna, che ”there are three kinds of prognostication: there are first of all, prophecies for no specific year, perhaps dealing with the end times, but most of them are mere dreams; then there are prognostications based on conjunctions and eclipses that treat multiple years, but most of them are mere fantasies; and then there are the prognostications for a single year, called ‘practicas’, of which there are so many that no one gains much honor from them, and most are held (for good reason) to be full of false-hood. Rasch states that the ‘practicas’ usually include, first of all, the astrologers’ mumbo jumbo based on equinoxes, eclipses, and ruling planets, followed by six sections: first, agricultural fertility; second, illness; third, war and peace; fourth, the good and ill fortunes of human estates; fifth the good and ill fortune of lands and cities; and sixth, the weather of each season and moon phase”.

Esemplari: Österreichische Nationalbibliothek Wien; Bayerische Staatsbibliothek München.

Bibliografia: Zinner n. 2899.