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Beetenson, William [XVII-XVIII secolo]. Prodromus Astrologicus: being an astrological discourse, of the effects of the great eclipse of the sun (on earth) on Monday May 11th, 1724. To which is added, Some brief observations of the triple conjunction of the superiors, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars in Sagitary in December, Anno 1722: wherein is Demonstrated What remarkable Events will befall most of the European Nations, for several Years yet to come. By W. Beetenson. Felix qui potuit Rerum cognoscere causas. London, Printed for J. Roberts at the Oxford-arms in Warwick-lane, 1722.

In 8° (19 cm), cc. [4], pp. 66. Incisioni nel testo: fra esse l’oroscopo dell’eclissi di Sole dell’11 maggio 1724 a pagina 20.

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