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Turner, Robert [1619-1665]. Botanologia [caratteri greci], The Brittish Physician, or, The nature and Vertues of English plants. Exactly describing such plants as grow naturally in our land, with their degrees of Temperature, Applications and Vertues, Physical and Astrological Uses, treated of, each plant appropriated to the several diseases they cure and Directions for their Medicinal Uses, throughout the whole Body of Man; being most special helps for sudden Accidents, Acute and Cronick Distempers […]. London, Printed by R[obert] Wood for N[athanael] Brook at the Angel in Cornhill, 1664.

In 8° (18 cm), cc. [7], pp. 363 [1], cc. [10]. Ritratto dell’Autore al frontespizio.

Opera di botanica con attenzione anche ai dati astrologici: così scrissero anche Culpepper e Thurneysser.

Prima edizione.

La Cambridge University e la Wellcome Library possiedono una variante che ha quali dati editoriali: London, printed by R. Wood and are to be sold by Richard Lambert, Bookseller at the Minster Gare in York, 1664 e la seguente paginazione: in 8°, 18 cm, cc. [8], pp. 363 [1], cc. [1, ripiegata]. Ritratto dell’Autore.

Esemplari: Library of Congress; Bodleian Library, Oxford (esemplare incompleto); Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine (esemplare incompleto); Natural History Museum; Bayerische Staatsbibliothek München.

Altra edizione: 1687, London printed for Obadiah Blagrave, in 8°, cc. [4], pp. 363 [1], cc. [10]. Ritratto dell’Autore, con il titolo Botanologia [caratteri greci]. The British physician: or, the nature and vertues of English plants: Exactly describing such plants as grow naturally in our land with their several names, Greek, Latine, or English natures, places where they grow, times when they flourish, and are most proper to be gathered; their degrees of temperature, applications andvertues, physical and astrological uses, treated of; each plant appropriated to the several diseases they cure and directions for their medicinal uses, throughout the whole body of man […] Being most special helps for sudden accidents, acute and chronick distempers. By means whereof people may gather their own physick under every hedge, or in their own gardens which may be most conducing to their health so that observing the direction in this book, they may become their own physicians [...] climate soever is subject to any particular disease in the same place there grows a cure. With two exact tables [...]. Esemplare della Manchester University.