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Turner Sweatt, J. [XIX-XX secolo]. State Laws regulating the Practice of Astrology. August 1, 1928 [...].

In 12° (17 cm) pp. 63 [1].

Ricavo dalla scheda del bookseller americano Garret Scott: "Following the memorable gathering of Astrologers in the City of Hollywood, California, July 21-23, 1927, and at which time was brought into physical expression the National Astrological Association, the writer has been urgently requested to prepare and print in pamphlet form a collection of the State Laws regulating the practice of astrology. From the teacher, lecturer, and astrologer Judge J. Turner Sweatt of Du Quoin, Illinois comes that compilation; the regulation of the trade ranges from non-existent (Delaware, California) to the punitive (Florida requires a license fee of $500 for each county in which the astrologer practices; Colorado prohibits the practice of astrology for which a fee or charge is made or accepted)".

Esemplari (tra l'altro): University of California, Santa Barbara.