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★ Walker, Edward [1612-1677]. Historical discourses, upon several occasions: viz. I. The happy progress and success of the arms of K. Charles I. of ever blessed Memory, from the 30th of March, to the 23rd of November, 1644. Written by His Majesty's especial Command, and corrected, almost in every Page, with His own Hand. II. Memorials of His said Majesty's unfortunate Success in the Year following. III. A Journal of several Actions performed in the Kingdom of Scotland, after King Charles the Second's Arrival there in 1650. IV. The Life and Actions of Thomas Howard, Earl of Arundel and Surrey, Earl-Marshal of England. V. A full Answer to a Book entituled, Monarchy, or no Monarchy; being a confused Mixture of false, traiterous and contradictory Observations concerning King Charles I. Publish'd by William Lilly in July 1651. VI. Observations upon the Inconveniencies that have attended the frequent Promotions to Titles of Honour and Dignity, since King James I. came to the Crown of England. VII. Observations on the Annals of the Reign of King Charles the First, Publish'd by Hamond L'estrange, Esq; VIII. A short Review of the Life and Actions of King-Charles I. By Sir Edward Walker, Knight, Garter, Principal King of Arms, Secretary of War to His Majesty King Charles I. and Clerk of the Council to King Charles II. Together with perfect copies of all the votes, Letters, Proposals, and Answers relating unto, and that passed in, the Treaty held at Newport, in the Isle of Wight, in the Months of September, October, and November, 1648. Between His Majesty King Charles the First, and a Committee of the Lords and Commons of Parliament. Entred by His Majesty's especial Command. By the same Sir Edward Walker, who was the Chief Clerk employed by His Majesty during that Treaty. London, printed by W.B. for Sam. Keble, at the Turk's Head in Fleetstreet, 1705.

In folio, A2 A2 B-Z4 Aa-Zz4 Aaa4 (segnate Aa1 e Aa2) Bbb-Nnn4 Ooo2, cc. [8], pp. 369 [1]; 98. Ogni parte ha autonomo frontespizio. Note a stampa al margine. Sono bianche: A1 verso, B1 verso, R1 verso, R2 verso, X1 verso, X2 verso, Dd3 verso, Dd4 verso, Ff4 verso, Gg1 verso, Oo4, Pp1 verso, Ss2 verso, Bbb1 verso, Bbb2 verso. Capilettera e testatina al recto della seconda carta. Dedica di Hugh Clopton alla Regina d’Inghilterra senza data né luogo, seguita da lettera di Walker alla Regina datata a pagina 4 Oxford the 10th April 1645.

La Parte V esamina criticamente il Monarchy or no Monarchy di William Lilly (vedi la scheda n. 4551).

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