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Whalley, John [1653-1724]. A treatise of eclipses: on which is shewed What an eclipse is, and how to know when an eclipse shall happen. 2. The errors of several authors conceiving the longitude, and the astrological handling of eclipses and mundane revolutions in general; and how the same may be rectified and amended. 3. The undoubted certainty of the Ptolemeian astrology; and how thereby to judge of eclipses, and the revolutions of the years of the world in general. 4. An astrological judgment on the great eclipse of The sun, 13 September 1699: and another as great, which will happen 1 May 1766. And on the conjunction of Saturn and Mars, December 1700: and how far they are like to effect England, Ireland, Scotland, Holland, France, Spain, Germany and several other parts of Europe. How by the riseing; setting and colours of the sun, moon and other stars, comets and meteors, to judge of the weather, litterally from Ptolomy, translation excepted. The whole subject is new, and full of variety, and never before by any so copiously handled as here it is. By John Whalley, professor of physick and astrology. Dublin, printed and sold by the author John Whalley, next door to The Fleece, and also by John Foster and Matthew Gun, booksellers [1701].

In 4° (15 cm), [ ]4 A-K4, cc. [4], pp. 78, cc. [1].

Esemplari: Trinity College, Dublin (2); Dublin City Libraries; British Library; Harvard University.

L’eclissi del 13 settembre 1699, che costituisce uno dei temi dell’opera qui descritta, era già stata oggetto di una valutazione astrologica di Whalley nell’opera descritta nella scheda n. 8681.

Ci fu una seconda edizione (o tiratura) printed in London by John Sprint, probabilmente nello stesso 1701 (esemplari della Cambridge University e della Henry Huntington Library Art Collections and Botanical Gardens, San Marino, California).