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★ Wing, Vincent [1619-1668]. Examen Astronomiae Carolinae, or, a short Mathematicall Discourse containing some animadversions upon Mr. Thomas Streete’s Astronomicall Tables of the celestial motions. Wherein his Errours and Mistakes are clearly detected, and the Author hereof justly vindicated from his unjust Aspersions. (In an appenidx to the said Astronomical Treatise.) By Vincent Wing, mathemat. London, printed by W. Leybourn, for G. Sawbridge, at the Bible upon Ludgate Hill, 1665.

In 8° (16 cm), A-C8, cc. [3], pp. 42. Dedica a Henry Noel al verso del titolo. La lettera To the Imperial Reader è datata in A3 recto Dat. Luffenhamie Die 27 Februarii A.C. 1664/5. Incisioni geometriche in B2 verso, B4 verso, C6 verso.

Prima edizione.

Critica all’Astronomia Carolina di Streete (vedi le schede nn. 7746, 7748 e 7749).

Esemplari: British Library; Cambridge University; Bayerische Staatsbibliothek München; University of Illinois; Engineering Societies Library, New York.

Bibliografia: Gardner 1316.

Quest’opera fu ristampata quale seconda parte di Geodætes practicus: or The art of surveying: Surveyed and laid out in a more accurate, plain and expeditious plat, then hath hitherto been performed. Being a worke very usefull for surveyors, architects, engineers, masons, carpenters, joyners, brick-layers, glasiers, painters, &c. And generally for all them that are ingeniously affected with such kinde of learning. The second edition corrected and enlarged: with the addition of a treatise, entituled, Examen Astronomiæ Carolinæ, being an answer to Mr. Tho. Streets Treatise of astronomy. By Vincent Wing, London, printed by Wil. Leybourn, for George Sawbridge, at the signe of the Bible upon Ludgate-hill, 1666, cc. [8], pp. 358, cc. [1]. Esemplari: UCLA library, Los Angeles.