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Donovan, John [XVIII secolo]. A dissertation on comets: in three parts; part I, a confutation of the principles of judicial astrology wherein it is demonstrated, that comets cannot be presages of good or evil to man. Part II. The various theories of comets, according to the antients and moderns: a particular account of the comet which is now visible on the continent, and will soon be seen here; with the methods of determining it's course, velocity, magnitude, distance, heat, time of passing the perihelion, &c. With a catalogue of all the comets that appeared since the general deluge; and the mathematical elements of those that have been astronomically observed. Part III. Conjectures on the cause, phœnomena, and time of the general conflagration, according to Burnet and Whiston: with arguments from scripture and fathers for the succeeding period, called the millennium Compiled by John Donovan. Cork, printed by J. Haly, North Main-Street, M.DCC.LXXXIX (1789).

In 4° (22.5 cm), [A]4 B-F4 [ ]2, pp. 48, cc. [2 con incisioni, fuori testo]. La carta finale contiene gli errata e advertisements.

Esemplari: Trinity College Dublin; Irish Royal Academy, Dublin; St. Patrick College Library, Ireland; Wellcome Library; University of Strathclyde; University of St. Andrews; Library Company of Philadelphia.