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Gadbury, John [1627-1704]. Nuncius Astrologicus, or the Astrological Legate: demonstrating to the Word the Success that may probably (by the Influences of the Stars) be expected from the present unhappy Controversie between the two Northern Kings: deduced from the Nativity of H. R. Majesty of Denmark. A fine portrait of Author, also a large folding plate of the King. London, printed by J. Cottrel, for F. Cossinet, and are to be sold at the Anchor and Mariner in Tower-Street, 1660.

In 8° (13 cm), A6 B-D8, cc. [4], pp. 53 [1], cc. [1 di advertisements]. Ritratti dell’Autore (nel quale è indicata la data di nascita: Oxford, 31 dicembre 1627) e, ripiegato, di Frederick III, King of Denmark.

Esemplari: British Library; National Trust Libraries; Mitchell Library, Glasgow.

Bibliografia: Gardner 436 (indica la data di stampa nel 1659).