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★ Gibson, Richard [XVII-XVIII secolo]. Astrologus Britannicus: or an almanack for the year of our redemption, 1710, (Being the second after Bissextile, or Leap-Year) Amplifi’d with all Things suitable for such a Work: Tables of the Moon’s Age. Time of High-Water at seventy of the most principal Ports on the Coasts of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, Holland, France and Flanders; also, the Sun rising and setting, and of Kings and Queens; together with a Table of Houses. Likewise An Ephemeris of the Celestial Motions and Aspects of the Planets; Lunation and Eclipses with Monthly Predictions both in Prose and Verse, and an Astrological Judgment of the Four Quarters of the Year, deduced from the Sun’s Ingress into the Four Cardinal Points. To which is added, a brief Collection of Verifi’d Predictions. By Richard Gibson, Student in Astrology. London, printed by Thomas Wilmer, for the Company of Stationers, 1710.

In 8° (17 cm), A-C8, cc. [24]. Titolo e calendario stampati in rosso e nero. Incisioni nel testo, fra le quali l’uomo zodiacale in B8 verso e i 4 oroscopi dei solstizi e degli equinozi in C4 verso-C6 recto. Contiene le effemeridi dell’anno e la tavola delle Case zodiacali.

Un bell’almanacco, abbastanza simile a quelli italiani e tedeschi del secolo precedente, compilato da un vero tecnico della disciplina astrologica.

Esemplari: British Library; Bodleian Library, Oxford.