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Holwell, John (pseudo?) [1649-1686]. John Holwell's strange and wonderful prophesies foretelling what shall happen in Europe in the years 1697, 98, 99, and 1700. In 97. Foretelling the Poles beating the Tartars: the Turks obtaining victories over the Emperor: with several other things of note. In 98. Foretelling many divisions and commotions in Italy, tending to the subversion of the tripple-crown: vast fleets of ships at sea, and bloody sea fights. The power of France reduc'd to a low ebb by the victorious arms of England. In 99. Foretelling a full discovery of the treacherous contrivances of several courts of Europe. Likewise Holland is warned to take care of herself. bloody sea-fights this year; and a whole army, in the eastern parts of the world, destroyed by fire from heaven. 1700. Now will be the downfall of Rome: after which follows general peace over the whole earth, &c. London [printed at Fleetstreet] [1696].

In 8° (20 cm), senza segnatura, pp. 8.

In questo caso le previsioni riguardano solo il periodo 1697-1700. Holwell rivela attenzione ai destini d'Italia e del Papato, Stati sui quali Holwell aveva sostanzialmente taciuto nel 1690 (vedi l’opera oggetto della scheda n. 3794). Resta il finale ottimistico per l’Inghilterra e la sua Chiesa, grazie al crollo del Papato (Rome destroyed), che già chiudeva quest’ultima opera. Sinistra la previsione (recte: predizione) per il 1699: Fights will be this year, occasioning the water to look more red than the Red Sea, the water turned to blood, War and Blood-shed over all the Earth […]. Great Plagues and war shall cover the whole Face of the Earth […]. Tuttavia, un sestile tra Giove e Saturno, entrambi in domicilio, [will] give peace to all Europe.

Esemplari: British Library (esemplare incompleto: mancano i dati editoriali e la data).

Bibliografia: Gardner 586.