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Askham, Anthony [XVI secolo]. A treatyse of the state and disposition of the worlde: with the alteracions and chaunginges ther[e]of through the great coniunctions of the iii hyest planetes, called Maxima, Maior, Media, and Minor: declaringe the very tyme, the day, houre and minute, that God created the sonne, moone, and sterres, and the places where they were fyrst set in the heauens, and the beginning of their inouynges and so contynued to this day wherby the world hath receyued influe[n]ce as [s]hal be declared by example from the creation unto this present yere, and also to the yeare of our Lorde, M.D.LVIII. to come. [al verso della carta [9]: Thus endeth this lytel treatyse compyled by Anthony Askham in the yeare of our Lorde M.D.XLVII]. Imprynted at London in Fletestrte [sic] at the signe of the George nexte to Saynt Dunstones Churche by Wyliyam Powell, M.D.L. the laste daye of Januarye (31 gennaio 1550).

In 8°, A8 B4, cc. [10] [2 bianche].

Esemplari: Glasgow University.

Bibliografia: Capp p. 350 (cita almanacchi di questo Autore dal 1550 al 1559).