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★ King, Maria M. [XIX-XX secolo]. The new astronomy and laws of nature, the physical and spiritual universe: their forms, laws and phenomena. Mysteries in science explained; being in part, an epitome of the three volumes entitled "Principles of nature," inspirationally given by Mrs. Maria M. King, with illustrations and additions, and a brief statement of the theories of astrology, ancient and modern astronomy and the nebular hypotheses by Andrew Jackson King. Hammonton [New Jersey], A.J. King, 1911.

In 8° (23 cm), pp. 199 [1]. Ritratto al frontespizio.

E’ un testo di astronomia con frequenti scivolate nel misticismo. L’astrologia è brevemente trattata in questi termini: Don’t pay your money to Astrologers for horoscopes. They are frauds and their pretended science is mainly false.

Esemplare (tra l’altro) della University of London, Warburg Institute.