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★ Mackey, Arnold Sampson [XIX secolo]. The original design of the ancient zodiacal and extra-zodiacal constellations, arranged on the present Globes. To which is added an account of the battle between Vicramaditya and Salavahana, which arose from a Combination of the Procession and Mutation of the Earth’s Axis. Also, further remarks on the long zodiac of Tantyra, Two Zodiacs of Tentyra, and the Zodiac of Thebes. Norwich, Walker, 1834.

In 12°, pp. 24.

Per quest’opera vale quel che ho scritto a commento di quella oggetto della scheda n. 4727. Con l’astrologia non c’entra nulla.

Esemplari: Manchester University; British Library; Wellcome Library; Northwestern University, Illinois; University of Missouri; University of Oklahoma.

Bibliografia: Gardner 759; Houzeau-Lancaster 228.