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Taylor, John [II] [XVII-XVIII secolo]. Ephemeris or, The Norfolk mercury. Being an almanack for the year of our Saviour's incarnation, 1697: And from the creation of the world, 5646. [It] being the first after the bissextile or leap-year, [an]d the 9th of our delivery from arbitrary government. Wherein is contained, [a]stronomical, astrological and meteorological observations, lunations, eclipses, the diurnal motions of the planets, remarkable conjunctions and configurations, sun rising and setting, judgments on the four quarters, and monthly observations. [Wi]th a table of the moon's age throughou the year; tide-tables, whereby may be known the ebbing and flowing of the sea; also a table of the moon's [?]outhing to every day, and a table of the rising, [?]outhing and setting of the fix'd stars, whereby may be known the hour of the night; also the planets, latitudes and sun's declination, with their true longitudes to degrees and minutes, fitted for students in this art, for the calculation of nativities, and done from the best tables extant, &c. [Cal]culated for the meridian of Norwich, (and may serve all England) whose latitude is 52 deg. 44 min and longitude 20 deg. 10. min. Joh Taylor, student in the mathematicks and celestial science, &c. The second impression, inlarg'd. London, Printed by H. Clark for the Company of Stationers, 1697.

In 8° (17 cm), A-C8, pp. 48. La prima parola del titolo è in caratteri greci.

Esemplari: American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia.

Bibliografia: Capp p. 381; Houzeau-Lancaster 15403.