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★ Thrasher, William [XVII secolo]. Jubar astrologicum, or a true astrological guide: divided into two parts. The first is an exact and easie way for the beginning or entering into this art: shewing the names and nature of the signs, planets and aspects; the erecting of a figure by tables of houses, by tables of right and oblique-ascention, the doctrine of triangles, or by the plain scale by help of the line of chords only, for any latitude either north or south; very useful for seamen or any other travelers; with the whole instructions necessary to this art. The second sheweth a very plain and easie way to give judgement upon an astrological figure, concerning the transaction of humane life, viz. of the state of the body, riches, brethren, fathers, children, sickness, marriage, death, long journeys or voyages, honour, friends, imprisonment, or any other question whatsoever may be answered. With the true art of directions by the doctrine of triangles, very useful in nativitie. Whereunto is added an example upon every house, viz. the figure set and judged. By William Thrasher, Philo-Astro-Medicus. London, printed by J[ohn] Darby for William Bradley, and are to be sold at his shop at the Three Bibles in the Minories, 1671.

In 8° (17 cm), A-Z8 pp. [1-4] 5-324, cc. [3] di tavole con incisioni geometriche, fuori testo, dopo le pagine 20, 288 e 298. Oroscopi (17) incisi alle pagine 11, 14, 27, 106, 112, 114, 155, 187, 199, 203, 205, 240, 258, 266, 276, 284, 287. Errata a pagina 323. Advertisements a pagina 324. La Letter to the reader si conclude in A2 verso con From my house in Browns Court against the Pump in the Minories. Pagina [2] è bianca. Capilettera. Indici da pagina 315.

Apparentemente un vero e proprio trattato di astrologia; nella realtà, un testo dedicato alla cosiddetta horary astrology, che comporta la soluzione di problemi specifici sottoposti all’astrologo dal cliente (tipo: mio marito mi sta tradendo? Avrò successo nel viaggio che sto per fare? Mio figlio guarirà?). Poiché Thrasher disegnava gli oroscopi nel momento il cui il cliente gli poneva la questione, ho potuto accertare che riceveva anche di notte.

Esemplari: British Library; Bodleian Library, Oxford; Wellcome Library; National Library of Wales; Manchester University; Library of Congress; Yale University; UCLA Library, Los Angeles; New York Public Library Research; Cleveland Public Library.

Bibliografia: Gardner 1221.