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A true discovery of a bloody plot contrived by the phanaticks against the proceedings of the city of London, in order to the coronation of the high and mighty King, Charles the Second: with the manner how it should have been acted on Sunday last, the number taken who should have been actors, and a true account of the late insurrection of the phanaticks in Newgate: also the miraculous appearance of seven suns in the east on Wednesday at 11 of the clock at noon, with branches darting from them like blazing comets being environed round with several circles of various colours like the rain-bow, and a large white crosse betwixt them, which continued an hour and a half, with the events that hapned during the time and the manner how all vainshed: as it was sent in a letter to a gentleman of quality living at Lime-Street London. London, Printed for John Jones, and are to be sold near the Royal Exchange in Corn-hill, 1661.

In 16° (18 cm), cc. [1], pp. 5 [1].

In generale i soli intercettati nel cielo sono 3: in questo caso 7.

Esemplari: Archivio storico Bibl. Trivulziana Milano; UCLA Library, Los Angeles; British Library.