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★ Wittie, Robert [1613?-1684]. Ouranoskopia [caratteri greci], or, A survey of the heavens. A plain description of the admirable fabrick and motions of the heavenly bodies, as they are discovered to the eye by the telescope, and several eminent consequences illustrated thereby I. The infinite wisdom, power, glory and incomprehensibility of God in the Creation, II. The verifying of the Copernican hypothesis, III. The probability of more inhabited worlds, IV. The clearing of some difficult places of scripture from doubtful interpretations, V. The higher exaltation of Gods attributes in the business of our redemption, VI. An essay to prove the sun to be the seat of the blessed, with several other useful notions: To which is added The gout-raptures, augm. and improved. In English, Latine, and Greek lyric verse. By Robert Wittie Dr in Physick in both Universities and Fellow of the Colledge of Physicians in London. London, Printed by J.M. for the author, and are to be sold by R. Clavell and J. Robinson in St. Paul’s Church-yard, and R. Boulter at the Turks-head in Cornhil, 1681.

In 8° (16 cm), A2 a2 B-E7 F-H8 I7 K8 L6, cc. [4], pp. 158 (i.e. 154) [1]. Mancano nella numerazione le pagine 58, 59, 116, 117, 154, 155. Sono bianchi i verso di A1, F4 e K4. A pagina 71 si trova un secondo frontespizio: The Gout-raptures augmented and improved. Astromaxia: [caratteri greci] or, an Historical Fiction of a War among the Stars. In English, Latine and Greek Lyrics verse. Useful for School, and such as would applieshe study of Astronomy, and the Celestial Globe. By Robert Wittie Doctor in Physick in both Universities and Fellow of the Colledge of Physicians in London. Le pagine scritte in versi latini sono numerate 115-135 (Lucubrationes podagricae) e 157. Le pagine scritte in greco (Astromaxia) sono numerate 137-156 e 158. Note a stampa al margine. Dedica alla Royal Society of London, datata in A2 recto Basinghall street ☿August 31 1681. Alla dedica fanno seguito poemi a Wittie di Brian Fairfax, Armiger e di T. Guidott, Med.

Testo di taglio astronomico-teologico che tratta anche di astrologia e di iatromatematica, specificando che in astrologia possono commettersi errori come accade in tutte le scienze. Questo però non la squalifica.

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Altra edizione: 1685, London, printed for Richard Jones, at the White-Horse in Little-Brittain, cc. [4], pp. 158, cc. [1]. Esemplare della British Library.