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Wriglesworth, W. [XVII secolo]. The use and explanation of the new perpetual card. Most readily shewing the key-day, and leap-year for ever. The day of the month for ever. The epact for ever. The age of the moon for ever. All the feasts moveable, and immoveable for ever. The beginning and end of the law terms for ever. The sun's rising and setting, with the length of day and night for ever. Sun's place in the ecliptick for ever. Time of moons southing any day for ever. How long ☾ shines any night or morning for ever. High-water at London-Bridge, and most eminent sea-ports in England &c. for ever. Moons rising and setting any time of her shining for ever. The card is round and [but two inches and half?] diameter, being of excellent [and daily use for all pers?]ons, and so easie that any [child may readily underst?]and it after twice or thrice [reading these directi?]ons: it may be worn about one [in a loose?] case or pocket-book, and will never be out of [date?] By W. Wriglesworth, Philomath. London, by J. G. for the author, and are to be sold at his house at the Rising Sun and Globe in upper Morefields, 1688.

In 8°, [ ]1 A6 [ ]1, cc. [1], pp. 12, cc. [1, advertisements].

Esemplari: British Library (unico esemplare noto, con mancanze).

Bibliografia: Gardner 1324.