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The dangerous conditions of the Vnited provinces prognosticated and plainly demonstrated by Mr. William Lilly in his observations of that comet which appeared in the year of our Lord 1652. And published in his annual predictions in the year 1654, &c. together with some hints and touches of the most inhumane and unparaleld crueltyes committed by the Dutch upon on Englishmen at Amboyna, Polaroone, and Lantore in the East-Indies. With several proofs of their insolencies, ambition, and avarice. Written for the satisfaction and incouragement of all such as have not already been convinst of their perfidious dealings. With allowance. London, Printed for W. Withwood at the signe of the Golden Bell in Duck-Lane near Smithfield, 1672.

In 8° (21 cm), cc. [1], pp. 7 [i.e. 6].

Opera basata in parte sulle predizioni e le invettive contro gli olandesi di William Lilly fatte nel 1654, che l’anonimo autore cita.

La cometa oggetto di quest’opera è quella, non periodica, scoperta da Jan de Riebeeck in Sudafrica il 17 dicembre 1652. Rinvio alla scheda n. 343 di Andrea Argoli, nella quale ho raccolto i nomi degli astrologi e astronomi che ne scrissero e dei quali ho descritto le opere.

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