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Lilly, William [1602-1681]. Lilly’s strange and wonderful prophecy: being a relation of many universal accidents that will come to pass in the year 1681. According to the prognostications of the celestial bodies, as well in this our English nation, as in parts beyond the seas: with a sober caution to all by speedy repentance to avert the judgements that are impendent. As likewise a strange and wonderful discovery at a place called Leek, in Stafford-shire; by men digging in the earth for stones to pave two streets, where they found a pavement of smooth stone, several pots full of ashes and mens bones; and under a grave-stone a pot of oyl sweeter then perfume, in which was a parchment containing a wonderful prophecy, directing them to dig 40 arms deep, and they should find inestimable treasure, it having been preserved about 500 Y. and subscribed Anselem, with many strange things contain'd in it. As also an account of the great stream of light, by some termed a blazing-star; which was seen in the south-west on Saturday and Sunday the 11th. and 12th. of this instant December, between six and seven in the evening; with several judicial opinions and conjectures upon the same. [London] Printed for P. Brooksby in VVest-smithfield, 1680.

In 4°, cc. [1], pp. 6.

Prima edizione.

Anche William Lilly, prima di chiudere la sua esistenza, si occupò della famosa cometa di Kirch. Rinvio all’indice specifico e alla scheda n. 109, ove ho raccolto gli altri astrologi di cui ho descritto le opere che si occuparono dell’evento.

Note biografiche su William Lilly sub Christian Astrology (scheda n. 4551).

Esemplari: National Library of Scotland (2); Bristol Central Library; Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, New York.

Altra edizione (nel titolo la parola Prophecy è sostituita da Prognostication): 1681, Dublin, reprinted for George Foster and are to be sold at his shop, in 4°, A4, pp. 8. Esemplari: Southampton University; Cambridge University; Cashel Cathedral Library; Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, New York.