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★ The compleat book of knowledge treating of the wisdom of the antients; and shewing the various and wonderful operations of the signs and planets, and other celestial constellations, on the bodies of men, women and children; and the mighty influences they have upon those that are born under them. Compiled by the learned Albubetes, Benesaphan, Erra Pater, and other of the antients. To which is added, the country man's kalendar; with his daily practice, and perpetual prognostication for weather, and according to Albumazar, Ptolomy, and others. Together with a catalogue of all the market-towns, fairs, and roads in England and Wales All those who peruse this book, must own, that it the knowledge gives of things unknown. London, printed by W. Onley; and are to be sold by H. Nelme, at the Leg and Star in Cornhil, 1698.

In 8° (15 cm), A3 B-M8 O4, cc. [3], pp. 117 [1], cc. [1]; pp. 56. Incisione di un oroscopo contenente solo i Segni dello Zodiaco a pagina 42. Verso del titolo bianco.

Miscellanea popolare apocrifa di opere di vari autori, che non deve confondersi con:

Le Pronostycacions di “Erra Pater”(vedi la scheda n. 2411);

The book of knowledge attribuito a William Lilly (vedi la scheda n. 4586);

A book of knowledge di Samuel Strangehopes (vedi la scheda n. 7730).

Testo elementare che spiega la partizione del calendario in stagioni, settimane e giorni e, nella seconda parte, fornisce consigli ai contadini sulla base di tradizioni popolari (del tipo “rosso di sera bel tempo si spera”).

Esemplari (non esaustivamente): Newberry Library, Chicago; British Library.